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Malcolm Thompson, artist and writer




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Las Chumberas Art group


Student Norma Watt at work

Hondon de las Nieves






Wet Venice

Windows-old factory




Dos Peras

Old Blacksmiths Shop, Hondon de las Nieves


Abbey Door, acrylic on canvass

Click the link at the bottom of this page for more of Malcolm's favourite artworks.

Art, there I’ve said it! As soon as someone mentions art and culture do you reach for the revolver, figuratively speaking? How about painting? And I don’t mean two gallons of magnolia and a roller. By now you have either put this article down because you can’t draw for toffee or your horrible bearded, pipe smoking, sandal and socks wearing art teacher at school way back in ‘1960 whatever it was’ told you not to bother with art, it probably wasn’t your strength, right? Or was that just me then? Well, help is at hand. Now that the summer fiesta season is coming to a close and all the ‘rellys’ have gone home you might be turning your thoughts to autumn and winter activities. Maybe a new activity you hadn’t had the time for when you were brining up kids and working in the UK. But now you are here and the pool, garden, house are all sorted and the grandchildren packed off for another six months what are you going to do next? This is where I step in. We are an art group that specialises in utter beginners. Said with complete conviction, I think I can teach you to draw and paint, (No idle boast after years of teaching). You would be amazed at the work complete beginners can produce. All it takes is a little instruction in a few simple techniques to get you started and viola! You’re an artist. Granted, not quite up to Van Gough standard yet, but probably enjoying it more than he did. Not only does this art group offer painting tuition, we are planning visits to a few cultural sites like MUBAG in Alicante for example and we do a little art history along the way. We also have a certain amount of ‘social time’ in our weekly schedule for those that like that sort of thing. Interested? We have a website so you can check that only fairly normal people need apply! We run a six week ‘introduction to watercolour’ course and usually have a laugh along the way. Every week we tackle a different aspect of watercolour painting and build your skills in a stepwise fashion. Absolutely no prior knowledge is assumed, honestly!

If you have any interest at all check out our website: or email Malcolm on or give me a ring on 616 052 079.

Look forwards to meeting you.