Mustang Art Gallery


ONE OF THE MOST UNUSUAL CONTEMPORY ART GALLERIES I have ever been to sits unexpectedly in the Elche Parc Industrial Estate. Open to the general public, The Mustang Art Gallery combines selling shoes with the razor edge of modern art. Comprising of three floors, the gallery is very modern with tastefully elegant stairs and lifts and glass fronted balconies that provide an excellent space for displaying modern artworks and installations of all types.

The Mustang Art Gallery, ‘MAG’, is also the working office headquarters of Mustang Shoes. As you walk around, completely unimpeded by security staff, one is able to observe the activity inside the offices through glass walls. This is a little disturbing for the average art gallery visitor who is not used to this highly unusual approach. Even in Tate Modern with all it’s glass and open space the offices are unseen. Normally one is contained in a space with pictures on all four walls and a seated, uniformed guard and a knee high trip wire just in case you get too close. Here, just the opposite situation prevails. One quickly starts to feel at ease and no one seems to notice. The gallery director, Juan Fuster, assures me this is OK, no problem, no…really, despite my incredulous disbelief. Just nod to the person on the reception desk ‘et viola’…your in!

The gallery also has a café bar that looks out onto the ground floor display space. Not open as yet, it should be soon. The café is also a beautifully modern space with huge armchairs just outside the doors in the spacious reception area. It all looks very comfortable.

My wife Carol and I with two art appreciating friends attended an opening night of a new exhibition in March, this was the second time I had visited the gallery. The exhibition was by an up-and-comming young Madrid photographer called Juan de Marcos. It was by invitation only for the art literati around the Alicante Provence and quite posh. Free food, drink and live music certainly helped launch the exhibition. The photographs were thought provoking and clearly right on the sharp leading edge of photographic art. Big photographs were displayed high up where they could be seen from the mezzanine floor. The whole thing was very well done indeed. The exhibition is on until the 9th of April 2011. After that there is an entire programme for the remainder of the year. There are going to be two exhibitions of sculpture; ‘Inflatable Giants’ starts on the 9th of June and finishes on the 2nd of July and another sculpture exhibition by Ana Soler starting on the 8th of September to the 28th of October. For lovers of painting and graphic art there will also be two exhibitions; one by Marlon de Azambuja from the 14th of April to the 28th of May and another by Olga Diego from the 3rd of November to the 7th of January 2012.

MAG is easy to find, the parc is on the CV850 between Elche and TorreIIano. It is particularly well signposted as you approach from Elche. The parc itself is difficult to miss as it is gigantic. As you come off the parc entrance roundabout and turn into the parc, keep going on the main drag for about half a kilometre. Look out on your left for the big Mustang sign on a curvy, glassy, very modern low level building. The gallery is free to enter and is open 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. If you decide to go, make it known you saw them in ‘The Inland Magazine‘ as the gallery is very keen to widen their profile and warmly welcome ex-pats who come and see what they are doing.


They have a website at:

Their address is: Edificio MTNG experience. C/Ochoa, 36.

03203 Elche Parc Industrial.